Photo of Denise at Twin Falls

On the trail to Twin Falls

I love technology — the conveniences and innovation it has brought to our lives is incredible. Being a part of creating new products and solutions that help people accomplish their tasks and solve problems is very rewarding. My expertise is in balancing business and end-user needs to define requirements, then working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to deliver products that meet these goals.

While I enjoy exploring the latest apps and productivity tools – I still regularly “unplug.” This can mean reading (sometimes even a book with actual pages; a newspaper that gets your hands smudgy) or getting away to the woods or beach with family and friends. Technology should exist to serve people, solve their problems and help them make meaningful connections.

Sometimes taking a break reminds us to keep the human touch in human centered design!

Contact me at: deniselee2@gmail.com | http://www.linkedin.com/in/deniselee2