Go fly a kite!

1006381_10151829249424976_1135916779_oAs summer draws to a close – one last post from me about taking a break and enjoying our beautiful Pacific NW environment, and this amazing summer  with friends and family.

We recently got away to go camping on the Washington Coast with a group of long-time family friends. There is NO cellphone coverage, and while frustrating at first (especially when you are lost on a gravel road – but that’s another post), it forces you to slow down and spend time doing some old fashioned socializing —  it’s great that no one is looking at their device at any point during conversations.  Another advantage is some unplugged entertainment — our dog was able to run wild on the beach early in the morning, chasing seagulls with wild abandon, kids were climbing driftwood, getting sandy, and we took the time to fly kites – really almost as boring as fishing in my opinion — but such a meditative, and joyful activity that kids have appreciated for years.

As fall comes near, we can recapture some of the “back to school” excitement kids feel – use the opportunity and changing weather to learn something new, start a new project and look for new opportunities.  I’ve been learning a lot about using WordPress and Google Analytics recently through personal & professional projects, as well as brushing up on UX and user research through some classes. It feels great to learn something new and push out of your normal routine, even in small ways.  We should never stop learning!

So, adieu to Summer  and hello to a glorious and renewing Fall!

Enjoying a last bit of summer on the Washington Coast!

Enjoying a last bit of summer on the Washington Coast!