Climbing to the top

Recently I decided to challenge myself physically.  I made a commitment to climb to the top of Mt. St. Helen’s with some friends.


View from the crater’s edge atop Mt. St. Helens

I liken it a bit to childbirth – everyone tells you how hard it is, but you don’t really comprehend what they mean until you do it yourself, and when it’s over you forget the pain, and recall the wonder of the whole thing.

It’s also a lot like life and career – some lessons to reflect on:

  • Goals can seem overwhelming – just start climbing, one step at a time!
  • Rely on friends & family – they helped me when altitude sickness hit half way up – without them (and their extra gatorade!) I may have had to turn back.
  • Take some breaks in order to keep going.
  • Be prepared, but improvise when unexpected boulders are part of your path.
  • Challenge yourself to move past your comfort zone and push when you think you can’t to achieve the greatest goals.
  • Recognize and enjoy the beauty along the way
  • Don’t forget the importance of fun! Slide down a glacier and don’t think about breaking a bone – be like a kid!
  • Lastly – take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments and then look out on the horizon

denise climbing